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The Chess Club has been running in St. Stephen’s for many years. Billy Flynn takes the players after school on Tuesdays every week to teach them the art of playing one of the world’s oldest and most famous games.

The beginner’s section learn all about the pieces and many moves you can make on the chess board – as well as the importance of watching not only your own moves, but the moves of your opponent too! The advanced players use what they’ve learned to play games of Chess against each other, learning more about the game and how and when to move. The boys also play in a yearly chess league, with Billy keeping the players on their toes with some really challenging games! To add to that, the players receive tips on how to improve their game.

“Check” out some photos from the Chess Club in the gallery below!

At the end of the year, the Chess Club head off on an outing. It’s always an enjoyable day out – check out the links below to see some of the past trips!

> June 2018 once again was a trek up the Comeragh Mountains to the stunning Mahon Falls, as well as a walk along the mountainside, looking out at the stunning Waterford coastline that can be seen in the distance. The photos from 2018 are here!

> The 2017 trip was another adventure up the Comeragh Mountains to the stunning Mahon Falls! See the photos from a very enjoyable trip here!

> The 2016 trip was really fun as everyone made their way to Stradbally beach for some fun and games. See some photos here from a great afternoon out!

> The 2015 trip was an adventure up the Comeragh Mountains to the stunning Mahon Falls! See the photos from a hugely enjoyable day out here!


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