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Welcome to our class page for 2020/2021! It’s great to be back at school…. at last! A reminder of the important things we need to remember:

For our 3rd Class, we will enter St. Stephen’s through the PATRICK STREET gate (main gate) and come straight to our room. No boys are allowed into the school yard in the mornings and must go straight to their classrooms.

Our starting and finishing times for the school day are the same as before, starting at 8:50am and going home at 2:30pm.

To leave the school, we must again use the Patrick Street gate. Boys with brothers in classes with later start times must wait and come to school at the later time.

There will be no homework for the month of September (yay!!!) All boys must have their own plastic pencil case clearly labelled with their name containing a pencil, pen, topper, rubber and colouring pencils as no sharing is allowed.  These will stay in school.

I will bring our class to our exit gate at finishing time.

Now – check out what we’re doing in our class on the links below:


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