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Here, you will find some links to websites and games that may be helpful for English, Irish, Maths and other areas of interest.


Oxford Owl – 250 free to read e-books to help with reading skills and vocabulary. Requires registration.

Spelling City – Vocabulary and Spelling practice. Requires registration.

Reading Bear – Activities and games covering the main phonics rules and vocabulary.

ReadTheory – Reading activities and multiple choice questions to help comprehension. Requires registration.

Sight Words – downloadable flash cards with Dolch words or customisable with your own words.

Starfall  Games and Activities for younger children to help with phonics and reading skills.

Word of the Day – Daily word, with a definition, example in a sentence, and synonyms (similar words).


Maths Eyes – examples of using Maths Eyes in the environment, posters, resources and other downloadable materials.

Maths Week – the official website for the annual Maths Week, with problem solving games and 
ideas for activities.

Blockly Games Maze – Simple coding and programming using blocks, useful for beginners before using Scratch.

More Blockly Games – Games using coding and programming, useful for problem solving skills.

Scratch  Coding and programming using blocks. Star Wars – Coding and programming using blocks to move Star Wars characters.


Téarma  Irish/English Dictionary to help find the meanings of words.

Foclóir  Another 
Irish/English Dictionary to help find the meanings of words.

Róbó  Stories and activities in Irish. Select “Bunleibhéal” on the menu.

Séideán Sí – Games for grammar and vocabulary. Please note that this site is completely as Gaeilge (in Irish).

TG4 Cúla 4 – Games and programmes in Irish. Option to view website in English or Irish.


DKFindOut  based on DK Books, child friendly information about a wide range of subjects. – set up by marine biologist Jillian Morris, a site with child-friendly information about sharks.

Ask About Ireland – Tons of information about Irish history, geography, science, and more.

World War I  BBC site with information about Ireland and World War I.

World War II – A timeline of the events of World War II, with photos and text.


Pixabay  Free images and video that can be used anywhere. Licensed under Creative Commons CC0.

Photos For Class – Creative Commons Images, appropriate for school, and sources cited on any photo downloaded. – Copyright Free Music, free to download once the composer, Kevin MacLeod, is credited. 
 Copyright Free Music, free to download once is credited.

> Search for more copyright free materials on

WELL BEING: – fun dance games, workouts, zumba, yoga, and general well being activities for kids. – tips for meditating, mindfulness, or just for a relaxing background.


Webwise  Information and tips for parents on internet safety, and explainers for new apps and their functions.

Safer Internet Day – Information and tips for staying safe online for children and parents.

E-Safety tips for Parents on the St. Stephen’s De La Salle website.


Kidrex  Child friendly search engine with a nice dinosaur design. Uses Google Safe Search. Includes a Parent Section.

Kiddle  Safe, visual search engine for kids.


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