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Science Week 2020 was a week of fun, learning and lots of discovery! The boys had the opportunity to take part in lots of hands on learning, with plenty of interesting experiments taking place. Miss Brennan’s Senior Infants explored chemical reactions between baking soda and different liquids, they explored how much salt would be needed to make an egg float, as well as building shapes using pasta and blu tack – and deciding which shape was the strongest. The Senior Infant boys also made clouds in a jar. Terrific work!

Miss Murphy’s 5th Class worked as scientists to see which material would work best to make a tea bag. There was lots of testing and some raised eyebrows at the results of the investigation! High five for the boys in 5th Class!

Mr. Russell’s 3rd Class were on a voyage of discovery all week, with science experiments every day! The boys used vinegar and baking soda to inflate a balloon by tying the balloon (filled with baking soda) to the top of the bottle and allowing the soda to drop into the vinegar, which released carbon dioxide, which then inflated the balloon. It was great fun! They also used a balloon tied to the top of a sports bottle cap which was glued to a CD, and released the bottle top leading to the CD hovering just above the ground and moving across the floor. The class made lava lamps using water, vegetable oil, food colouring and an effervescent vitamin tablet. The end results were pretty cool! The boys also experimented with eggs, with one sitting in water while the other egg sat in vinegar. Over the course of 5 days, the egg in vinegar saw the shell completely eaten away while the shell on the egg in water stayed solid. The boys learned that vinegar is an acid and that acid erodes, or melts, the egg shell. For another experiment, using hot water, they also saw how food colouring and sugar in Skittles contain different chemicals and so the colours don’t mix, leading to a lovely burst of colour on the plate. The class also were learning about how scientists search for life in the solar system by searching for microbes. The boys tested different surfaces using bread and sealed them into zip lock bags. Great work, 3rd Class!

More brilliant Science Week work in Miss Kenny’s Junior Infants as the younger boys did the Skittles experiment! The boys were amazed to see the colours of the sweets running out towards the centre of the plate – and they were excited to see that the colours didn’t mix either! Fantastic work, well done to Junior Infants!

Check out the highlights of Science Week 2020 in our video:


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