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Mr. Russell’s 5th Class were learning about the NASA Space Shuttles Challenger and Columbia. Both shuttles suffered tragic accidents and all the astronauts were killed. Challenger exploded 73 seconds after take off, on January 28th, 1986. The accident shocked the world, and it turned out that there was a design flaw that caused the accident. Space Shuttle Columbia suffered what seemed to be very minor damage on lift-off in January 2003. Experts did not think that it would affect the shuttles, but it turned out that a hole had been pierced in Columbia’s wing, and when the astronauts attempted to return to Earth, the boiling gases of the atmosphere melted the wing, and Columbia broke apart.

After learning about the Space Shuttles and the retirement of the shuttles in 2011, the class made 3D Space Shuttle replicas using card, glue, and some recycled materials. Check out boys proudly holding the results in the gallery below:


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